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We sell industrial and residensial diesel generators ranging 20Kva to 2000Kva. The brands of generator we sell are listed below:

  1. Forestcity Generators UK : Powered by Perkins engine and Stamford alternator. (UK).
  2. Lega Power Generators: Powered by Cummins engine and Stamford alternator. ( USA-China join venture )
  3. Equipower Generators: Powered by perkins engine and Mecc Allte alternator. ( Italy )
  4. Kofo Diesel Generators: Powered by Kofo engine ( brushless). ( China )


We make state of the art transformer with qualified and experienced engineer in our own factory.


We provide Passenger lift, Escalator, Hospital lift, Industrial lift and observation lift along with the spare parts for the lift.


We do Design, Supply, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of a Sub-Station.

Switchgear & Panel

We provide PFI Panel, LT switchgear panel, HT switchgear panel.

Control Module

We provide the latest control modules for your product. We also setup the control modules digitally. The control modules we provide- Deep Sea Controller, Smartgen Controller.

ATS Panel (Automatic Transfer Switch)

We provide best quality ATS Panel for your generator. Our ATS panel is locally made by expert engineers and state of the art materials to ensure you the best value for your money.


We can provide you generators with local made or foreign canopy based on your need.